Cartridge Case (fIlled)

€299,00 EUR

Cartridge case fits all the essential sealants, adhesives or tools per whatever job needed. Fits also the contractor's business cards, pens, mobile phone and extra or used cartridges in the back pocket. 


  • WTF Cartridge Case
  • WTF Cartridge Opener
  • WTF X26 Extreme Gun
  • WTF Yes Flex 
  • WTF Express Flex
  • WTF Serious Flex
  • WTF Extreme Tack
  • WTF Unisex Hoodie
  • WTF Extra nozzles 
  • WTF Notepad
  • WTF Carpenters Pen and Ballpoint Pen

Technical Documents

Technical Datasheet

Safety Data Sheet


Declaration of Performance


Size Colour EAN
Hoodie size unisex M
Hoodie size unisex L
Hoodie size unisex XL

WTF® Technologies

WTF® Tack Technology

Ultimate adhesion compatibility to various materials, typically with very high initial tack while still technically above average sealant

WTF® Grab Technology 

Single purpose adhesion with very high initial grab, without sealing properties

WTF® Flex Technology 

Based on formula with very high versatility and can be customized for speed, initial tack or ultimate versatility - for both fixing or sealing

WTF® X3 Technology 

Stands for a superior materials, special fused production technology and extremely strong adhesive formula