World’s Toughest Fix Adhesives and Sealants

WTF® products are the toughest adhesives in the world. However, tough doesn't mean tough to choose or use. The new WTF® products make professionals’ work easier and bring a smile to your face.



We develop products that deserve the title of the world’s toughest fix and help you succeed with every adhesion. We want you to do it right, so you don’t have to do it twice.


WTF® products have been developed by a team with more than 30 years of category experience and in collaboration with various product development pioneers. During product development, we tested and compared more than 100 products and formulations and it has taken us more than four years to create products we believe truly deserve the title of the World’s Toughest Fix.


WTF® means professional quality with an edge. But high performance doesn’t have mean boring or difficult. Our philosophy is that professional products can also be easy to approach and choose. We want you to have fun with your work!

High standards

WTF® products are tough but their use is not. Our product packages stand our from the shelves and offer to-the-point information for the user. Choosing the right product is quick and easy, just follow our selection scale from strength to flexibility.