Unisex T-shirt

Prepare to be amazed by the World's Toughest Quality packed into this stylish WTF® unisex Regular Crew Neck T-shirt. With the WTF® logo proudly displayed on the front, it's a surefire conversation starter.

Crafted from a high-quality cotton blend, this T-shirt ensures both comfort and breathability. It's perfect for everyday use, whether you're at work or out on the town. The soft, light, and slightly stretchy fabric guarantees a pleasant wearing experience.

Featuring a reinforced "ribbed" collar, this T-shirt is built to withstand the test of time. The large screen-printed WTF® logo adds an extra touch of humor and style. 

Made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, this tee combines durability and flexibility. It's ready to handle any adventure or funny mishap that comes your way. Stand out from the crowd and let your sense of humor shine with the WTF® T-shirt.

Gear up with the WTF® T-shirt and join the league of builders, pros, and DIYers who not only know how to wield a hammer but also crack a good joke. It's more than just a shirt – it's a symbol of your creativity, craftsmanship, and unique sense of humor.

Get ready to turn construction sites into comedy stages and make people laugh while you work. With the WTF® T-shirt, you'll build, conquer, and leave a trail of laughter in your wake. Embrace the fun and show the world that builders can be funny too!


Product features:

  • Breathable and durable cotton fabric
  • Reinforced "ribbed" collar. 
  • WTF® logo in large screen print form at front
  • Soft, light and slightly stretchy fabric
  • Material: 95 % Cotton, 5 % Elastane


Instructions for care:

  • Machine washable
  • Can be ironed