WTF® featured in PRO

  • 1 min read

What bothers you the most when working with adhesives on a construction site? That when you squeeze thick glue, you break either the gun or your thumb? Or the fact that after buying a box of glue, half of the tubes have time to age before use? Or the fact that the gluing compound didn't work in this particular use and you have to start over? Or the fact that when you buy glue, you can't find the product you need on endless product shelves?

The solution for all these problems: WTF® PRO article highlights the best features of our WTF® product range. Read the full article on the website of PRO (in Finnish). PRO is an information service for construction professionals. The online service provides the latest product news and solutions, installation instructions, cost estimates, events, training and webinars, as well as engineering software.