The new WTF® Gun range

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The new WTF® Caulking gun range includes several patented features for optimal user experience. The adjustable features allow guns to be used with different adhesives and sealants. The guns are ergonomic and designed for continuous professional use. WTF® guns are made of high-quality materials and the products have a two-year quality guarantee.

The WTF® gun range follows the same color scale as the WTF® adhesives and sealants, where the products are arranged according to strength and elasticity. The range includes cartridge guns for power adhesives and sealing compounds, and guns that can be used with both cartridges and sausages.


The name code tells the most important features of each gun:

X = Extreme Gun = True Power

Y = YES! GUN = One gun for all types of sealants & adhesives

S = Sealant Gun = Sealing & Jointing

D = Dripless = Patented mechanism that pulls the piston back when needed so that the mass does not drip.

G = Gapless = Patented mechanism, instant feel, increases accuracy and extends operating life

C = Cover = Protective cover

L = Light = Light reinforced nylon based construct

300-600 = Patented mechanism works for foils and cartridges

X26 = Power Transfer 26:1 (ideal for cold weather and adhesives)

Y9-18 = Patented adjustable Power Transfer between 9:1–18:1

12 = Power Transfer 12:1 for light compounds

7 = Power Transfer 7:1


Check our new gun range here.