The alphabet of WTF® cartridges

  • 1 min read

Back to school! Today we learn the alphabet. But don’t worry, this alphabet is so easy that anyone can learn it. Repeat after me a few times and you will move up a class for sure!

X is for… X Extreme Tack

O is for… O Offensive Flex

E is for… E Express Flex

T is for… T True Grab

is for… I Invisible Flex

Y is for… Y Yes! Flex

S is for… S Serious Flex

Nice work! Now you have learned WTF® product names. The next assignment is to try the products in practice. Remember to do your homework!


For WTF® products, we wanted uncomplicated names that are ridiculously easy to remember and recognize! This will help you avoid frustration at the store shelf when you try to remember what was the product you bought last time. There won’t be such a problem with these products!