Choosing the right product

Choosing the right product is quick and easy; follow our selection scale from strength to flexibility. The package design follows a colour code, which makes it easy to identify the product that best suits your purpose. 

Starting from the left of the selection scale, the products have more power. These products have high initial grab and final tack, making them suitable for bonding jobs. If you're looking for a product for glueing heavy objects (construction boards, mirrors etc.) - that don't require flexibility, opt for X Extreme Tack. If fast adhesion and some sealing capability are needed, then go for O Offensive Flex. T true Grab is a water-based option for most common mounting jobs. 

On the right side of the selection guide, the products have more flexibility which makes these products ideal for sealing jobs. S Serious Flex has the most flexibility of all, and therefore it's perfect for facade and element jointing. For regular sealing jobs (kitchen, wet room, roofs, HVAC etc.) that require flexibility and some adhesion, Y Yes! Flex is the best choice. Since Y Yes! Flex comes in multiple colours, it is suitable for visible and UV-exposed sealing jobs. If a transparent formula is wanted, then choose I Invisible Flex.

Products in the middle have both qualities, power and flexibility, and therefore can be used for jobs that require bonding and sealing. For example, if extreme final tack and flexibility are needed and possibly chemical resistance, E Express Flex suits best.