New products in the WTF® range

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WTF® A Acrylic Flex


This premium acrylic sealant is a perfect base for paintable surfaces because the product is anti-crack and flexible, movement-resistant and gap-filling. It is suitable for sealing joints or cracks on painted, plastered or construction board surfaces in walls, ceilings, etc. WTF® A Acrylic Flex is a water-based, low-emission product suitable for most indoor and outdoor materials.

WTF® P Perfect Silicone

This 100 % silicone is perfect for sealing and glazing because the product is neutral curing, waterproof, elastic, and UV and mold-resistant. WTF® P Perfect Silicone is a low-shrinkage and easy-to-apply product suitable for most indoor and outdoor materials, e.g., for bathrooms and kitchens. Available in four colors: white, marble white, black and transparent.