Y9-18DGC Yes Gun 300-600

€69,90 EUR

  • Y = YES! GUN = One gun for all types of sealants & adhesives
  • Y9-18 = Patented adjustable Power Transfer
  • 9:1 acrylics, silicones & other sealants
  • 18:1 adhesives and glues
  • D = Dripless = No accidents, patented 3-step system
  • G = Gapless = Patented instant feel, trigger does not “tire” or wear
  • C = Cover = Protective cover
  • 300-600 = Patented mechanism works for foils and cartridges
  • Patented Ninja-hook – hangable, that adjusts to easier operation
  • Ergonomic impact resistant nylon trigger
  • Other properties as on other models
  • Product is designed for continuous professional use
  • 2 year warranty
  • Impact & cold resistant reinforced nylon

Technical Documents

Technical Datasheet

Safety Data Sheet


Declaration of Performance


Size Colour EAN
Y9-18DGC Black-green 6418091230895

WTF® Technologies

WTF® Tack Technology

Ultimate adhesion compatibility to various materials. Typically a very high initial tack adhesive, yet technically above an average sealant.

WTF® Grab Technology 

Modified next generation adhesion. Water-based and with very high initial grab. Not suitable for sealing.

WTF® Flex Technology 

An adhesive formula with extremely high versatility. The formula can be customized for speed, initial tack or ultimate versatility. Suitable for both fixing and sealing.

WTF® X3 Technology 

Stands for a superior materials, special fused production technology and extremely strong adhesive formula.